About Us

About the Love

The Love of People, or TLP, was created in 2009 out of the necessity to find products that met the needs of multiple curl patterns . The lack of products became the motivation behind the creation of TLP’s product line. The Love of People was developed for those individuals who want to learn to love their hair through more holistic and natural means. TLP is an environmentally conscious company that uses natural and organic butters, oils, and herbs that help strengthen the hair with nutrients and vitamins while aiding hair growth.

TLP products are formulated with the use of research to identify the raw ingredients that add the most benefits to the hair and scalp. We also use Consumer input to see how products should be formulated to service multiple problems. TLP products emphasize hydration and moisture retention which aids in curl definition, health, and manageability.

Meet Paula

Paula Bland is the owner, operator, and creator of The Love of People, TLP for short. Paula and her sister, Tara Martin had challenges finding products that catered to their natural styles and decided to find a way to solve their problems. They tried products that was sold in stores but they did not provide consistent help. TLP set out to find where the natural need was. Who out there was not being catered to? What were their needs? How could we help? Even though these things have improved some, they still are not where they should be. The ability to find products that WORK and have quality services offered can encourage or deter someone along their natural hair transformation, and that is where TLP comes in. With Paula Bland’s background as a Nurse Practitioner, Chemist, Biologist, and hair loss specialist, she approaches hair management holistically. With various health concerns that can affect hair health and growth, more than just products are necessary at times; a team approach is what TLP futuristically plans to offer. TLP prides itself on helping others with restoring health to scalp and hair as well as equipping individuals with the necessary tools to maintain the integrity and health of their body and hair throughout their journey.