Bounce Back

So on my quest to self discovery, aka “Going Natural,” the ability to find products that worked and was for my hair type was fairly difficult. As I mentioned in my previous post entitled “My Story,” the need for daily hydration as well as moisture retention became the motivation for creating this product line. This is why I created Bounce Back. Bounce Back is my flagship product because it was made out of necessity and fulfilled multiple purposes. The highlight of this hair spray was that I could use it in all phases of prep, hydrating, styling, and maintenance. As a fairly seasoned natural, it filled the void that other products left behind. Before Bounce Back, I thought I was destined to have dry hair, or the appearance of dry hair. That’s something all naturals should want to avoid. The greatest appreciation I have for naturals who have used Bounce Back is when they can attest to how much more moisture is restored to their natural locs.

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