Hair Loss: The Black Truth

Hair Loss

Let’s face it ladies and gents, we put a lot on our hair. If it doesn’t look right we may opt out of going somewhere. If we are experiencing any type of excessive shedding, thinning, or loss, we can basically admit ourselves to the hospital because we are not going anywhere and we may go through a deep depression as well.  Now, sometimes these issues can be due to things that we can not control such as hormone shifts,  or heredity, thanks Dad! But often times these issues are caused by (point at yourself) YOU and all that you have done to make your hair look a certain way. Tight braids, quickweaves with black glue (yuck), relaxers, or certain dyes, and yes even our diets, can cause some of these issues to emerge.

We will briefly talk about the common causes of hair loss and  things we can do to prevent long term issues. For most of us hair loss is experienced at the temporal areas, which is a form of traction alopecia. Traction Alopecia is hair loss caused by pulling the hair too tightly. To prevent this type of hair, just STOP IT! Leave the tight ponytails and braids alone for a minute. Show your edges some love with soft protective styles and massage those areas with the pads of your fingers with a light oil, such as Heaven Scent, a hair growth oil that was made just for this. It is light enough not to clog the follicle but contains enough nutrients and vitamins to benefit and decrease hair loss.

Hair loss at the temporals can also be caused by medications, gastric procedures/problems, stress, or hormonal shifts, especially after the birth of a baby. Once again, be patient and gentle and your hair should return once things are corrected internally. If these things persist for a period of time consult a hair loss specialist for some guidance.

Another common type of hair loss is the dreaded, thinning crown. This happens for many reasons. One being, Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA), also referred to as “hot comb alopecia” and “follicular degeneration syndrome”. This is a type of alopecia first noticed in African Americans in the 1950s when the hot comb was very prevalent.

The mechanism of pathology of CCCA has only been postulated and not proven. However, one theory involves pressure that may be placed on the internal root sheath of the hair cuticle. This type of alopecia  causes an inflammatory response that causes scarring. “African Americans are found to be at increased risk either because of the curled hair shaft, distinct styling practices, moisturizing hair products (yes you can over moisturize), or chemical processing techniques (especially in the youth population).” Seek professional help because things such as  Steroids, Antibiotics, and other immunomodulators may be used to treat this inflammatory response.

Female pattern baldness, “Androgenic Alopecia” also causes thinning at the crown of the head and is hereditary. Treatment regimen for this type of hair loss varies based on the client and definitely needs to be consulted by a hair loss specialist.

Before ending this brief discussion about hair loss, I would be remiss if I did not mention some of the other hormonal issues that women experience way too often that can be managed fairly easily. Menopause, thyroid conditions, and pregnancy like mentioned above , can cause hair loss. Depending on the cause these things can be treated  with estrogen therapy, thyroid medication, and/or vitamins and nutritional supplements. So make sure you always get regular medical checkups to fully assess your overall health. This way, if your hair loss is the result of a hormonal imbalance, you can have the issue addressed right away.

Tip and Trick: How to massage your scalp

Step 1

Perform a scalp massage with wet or dry hair.

You can warm oil (Heaven Scent) using a double boiler method.

Step 2

Spread your fingers out and place on scalp.

Avoid using fingernails to prevent breaking hair strands or damaging the scalp.

Keeping fingertips on the scalp at all times, extend and contract the fingers two to three times; similar to the shape of a “checkmark”.

Use slow, gentle movements to move fingertips in a circular motion, alternating fingertips around different areas of the scalp.

Step 3

Add hair oil (Heaven Scent) to small area and to pads of fingers after the scalp has been massaged one time.

  • The first time you massage your scalp is to increase blood flow

Step 4

Massage the scalp for at least three minutes or longer if preferred.

Repeat as often as necessary.

For maximum benefit perform once or twice daily.

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