How I support other naturals

I have been in the natural hair community since 2009. I frequently support and encourage others to go natural by supplying products and consults through my company, The Love of People, to make that transition to natural just a little easier.The Love of People, TLP, provided me with a good starting point to see how a little knowledge and perseverance could change a person’s perspective of something that seemed so difficult (our hair) into something so honorable to possess.

Since I started this journey, it was always influenced by the want to know the true me and to also be different from the norm. My mother always tried to teach me and my siblings to look beyond what we saw and to push toward excellence. What could be more excellent than knowing, accepting, and loving all of me? I have always used the motto,“ If God gave it to you than how can it be wrong?” to push forward on this journey and also when speaking with others about my natural hair journey. I am always willing to share my successes as well as my failures that have benefited me on this path.

I have a YouTube channel called NaturallyGreer where I share my knowledge, experiences, and love for my natural hair. In one of the videos I talked about how I overcame one of my worst natural hair failures of flat ironing my hair and having to cut off almost 10 inches of hair! Others may have not wanted to broadcast this to the world. However, I thought it would be vital in my journey to share this experience and encouraging to someone else who may have had a similar struggle. Hair is powerful and who wants to lose 10 inches!?!? I also share my tricks, tips, and techniques that I have picked up along the way. Sometimes this advice can further encourage others to go natural or to continue on their natural journey and be more successful along the way.

I think other naturals should share their experiences by being confident in their decision and transparent with their journey. By now, I feel a lot of people should know that going natural is not always the easy. So-called cultural standards, that are present in our society as well as the constant portrayal of what is considered “normal” in the media can scare you away. I encourage you to embrace what God gave you.The journey teaches you about yourself and it is very rewarding.

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  1. Bablofil says:

    Thanks, great article.

  2. Paula Bland says:

    Thank you! Check out my natural hair products at

  3. Paula Bland says:

    Thank you! Check out my natural hair products at

  4. My name is Melissa and I have been natural since 2015 but have been through a brief spell of alopecia which left the top small portion to have to play catch up with the remaining of my hair..what products would you recommend to me? Thanks in advance..

    • Paula Bland says:

      Simulation and moisture is needed daily after an episode of Alopecia. There are so many forms of these diseases and some are cyclic in nature so this may happen again.All of The Love of People products are great for moisture, especially Bounce Back. But you may need a great Dermatologist at this time for a more in depth look at this issue.

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