My Story

When I set out on my own natural hair journey, there was literally nothing out there for hair that looked and felt like mine. I remember finding this little hair store that still sold jerry curl activator and racking up because it was the only thing that kept my hair moisturized. I also remember sneaking into the bathroom on my first job as a nurse to reapplying that mess to my hair and all I could think of was the sofa from “Coming to America.” I knew that this would have to end. The need for daily hydration as well as moisture retention was something that I was unable to find. I soon became, like so many naturals that I know, a product junkie.Praying and hoping for my next hair fix in the next bottle of beautiful packaging. At this point I was determined to find products that didn’t make me feel like an 80’s movie.

This began my first year of research, With my background in Biology and Chemistry finding evidence based research on certain hair products was fairly easy for me. I took it on as a challenge to break down product ingredients to see which ones derived from natural counterparts and which ones were truly just blatantly harmful to my body. The knowledge of knowing what i put on my body was as vital as what I put in it became much clearer throughout this journey as well.

This caused me to restructure my diet by cutting out certain toxins and things that I found would impede on this journey to self discovery. I wanted this to be everyone’s response to “Going natural”. Bettering others lives and not just being another product in the cabinet became our focus as a brand.

TLP has strived to be the whole, complete, and only product line for all hair types on your shelf, I feel like we have and will continue to meet this goal. So as we set forth to introduce ourselves to the world on a different scale, we thank each and every one of you for being apart of that new beginning.

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  1. Cekell B. says:

    This is so awesome & impressive! Congratulations Paula! You’ve inspired me. 😊 Can’t wait to try out your products. 🙌🙌🙌🙌😍

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