Benefits of Molasses

We hear a lot of people talk about the benefits of honey. Yes, this natural sweetener does have a laundry list of positive vitamins and nutrients, but what about other sweeteners, like Molasses? Why have we overlooked it so long?

While there is not scientific research that points to the efficacy of molasses in terms of helping the hair grow healthier. It’s undeniable that many people have tried it and have experienced its nourishing qualities.

Molasses contains:

  • Manganese, zinc, and selenium are potent antioxidants that contribute to a healthy scalp by fighting free radical activity and oxidative stress.
    • There are many forms of stress, but all stress affects hair just like it affects the rest of the body by contributing to premature aging and even hair loss.
  • Copper, when consumed in moderation can help the body produce melanin. Melanin is a pigment that is responsible for hair color. Therefore, it can help people fight the effects of old age, particularly graying!
  • Iron is very high in molasses and therefore is great for my individuals who are anemic. Iron is an essential component in an enzyme called ribonucleotide reductase that helps cell growth.
    • It also plays a crucial role in viable Hemoglobin production which helps with oxygenation.

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Meet Our Nurse Practitioner, Paula Bland

While working as a Nurse Practitioner, I saw clients with various health issues that exacerbated hair loss in the African American community. There were no on-the-shelf hair products that catered to my people and their hair in its natural state.

Therefore, I used my degrees and knowledge in Biology/Chemistry and started formulating my own products in 2009. After years of research and trials, I shared what I knew with my clients and customers with success and great results.