About the Love

The Love of People, or TLP, was created in 2009 out of the necessity to find products that met the needs of multiple curl patterns . The lack of products became the motivation behind the creation of TLP’s product line.

The Love of People was developed for those individuals who want to learn to love their hair through more holistic and natural means.

TLP is an environmentally conscious company that uses natural and organic butters, oils, and herbs that help strengthen the hair with nutrients and vitamins while aiding hair growth.

TLP products are formulated with the use of research to identify the raw ingredients that add the most benefits to the hair and scalp. We also use Consumer input to see how products should be formulated to service multiple problems. TLP products emphasize hydration and moisture retention which aids in curl definition, health, and manageability.

Meet Paula

My name is Paula Bland I am a Nurse Practitioner and a hair loss specialist. I started The Love of People in 2009 with the help of my sister.

With my background in Chemistry and Biology, the fundamentals of creating products was something that was not new to me but definitely research was required in order to start this journey.

It was very hard in the beginning to find natural products that would help me grow and style my newfound head of hair. At that time, natural based products were few and far in between and were definitely not as streamlined as they are today. The Love of People (TLP) is simply that, the love for all people.

TLP are natural based products that work, promote hair growth, and nourish both hair and skin. Our products are made simply with natural ingredients, organic extracts, and are animal friendly. TLP’s motto and products remain true to our original goal, that everyone should be able to utilize this line of products to maximize their hair health.