• How Do I Retain Moisture?

The Love of People products was produced with hydration and moisture always as a first priority. All of our products have essential oils and natural moisture retainers for hair.

  • Will TLP Products Work On All Hair Types?

YES! TLP works on all hair types because hair thickness decides how much of the product that is necessary.

  • Why Is pH Balancing Important?

Natural Hair goes through a lot of changes, especially pH changes. With all the products that we use that lift and then tightens our cuticles, getting back to what our hair naturally is, 4.5-5.5, is very crucial to the health of our hair.

  • Is TLP All Natural?

98% of all active ingredients are natural and or derive from natural products.

  • Can I Use TLP On My Children?

YES, TLP was created with all curlies in mind especially the little curls.

  • Where Are TLP Products Produced?

The Love of People is manufactured and produced in New Orleans, Louisiana. All raw materials are sourced from conscious natural growers. TLP also prides itself in supporting third world countries by using products such as our raw shea butter that is sourced straight from Ghana.